Activesync installation fails due to interruption

This one’s for Eudora email client users. While installing Activesync 4.1 for the first time, you may get the following error:

Microsoft ActiveSync: Windows could not complete the installation as it was interrupted. Cancel<>Finish

This happens because Eudora email client uses its own version of mapi32.dll. To resolve this problem, open Eudora.

1) Go to Tools—>Options—>Mapi—>For Use Eudora Mapi Server select “Never”
2) Rename the Mapi32.dll file from “C:\Windows\System32″
3) Open Outlook and do a Detect and Repair
4) Goto Tools—>Options—>Other and check “Make Outlook the defualt program for E-Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

Now try installing Activesync 4.1 and it should install successfully.