Add members to a Sakai site

The UCLA Sakai Pilot has two types of sites, course and project websites. The course websites will be configured to automatically draw their members from the Registrar’s class roster. Project sites can be handled in one of three ways:

  • Make the site Joinable and then tell the people you want to login to go to with their BOL ID and then join your site. Later on you can make it non-Joinable.
  • If you don’t want to make your site Joinable then you can have your users login, collect their Sakai ID and send it to you, and as the site owner you can use that to add them via the Site Info / Add Participants screen. Place the Sakai ID in the Usernames box. If the users to be added are not local to UCLA, then you would simply add their emails address in the Guest Email Address box.
  • Or, have each person login to with their BOL ID and then logout and email you that they’ve done so. When you have everyone you want, tell your local departmental Sakai support person their names and that support person will add them to your site by looking up each person’s ID by name.

Note: The Sakai ID is currently a very long character string. This short video shows how to find it.