Adobe Acrobat 2017 Uninstallation and Adobe Creative Cloud Installation

To migrate from an older version of Adobe Acrobat to the Adobe Creative Cloud please follow these steps:

Please note this guide references Acrobat 2017; you may have a different, older version installed.

Adobe Acrobat Uninstallation Instructions:

First you will need to uninstall Adobe Acrobat 2017 from your devices. Please remember to save any unsaved work because your computer will need to be restarted.

If you are a Windows user:

Windows: To uninstall Adobe Acrobat 2017:

1.) Start Menu (Windows) search for Adobe Acrobat 2017.
2.) Right click on Adobe Acrobat 2017 and click on Uninstall.
uninstall adobe button
3.) You will be automatically prompted to Programs and Features. You will then right click on Adobe Acrobat.
2017 and click uninstall. This example shows Adobe Acrobat DC.
adobe acrobat location on the programs and features file explorer
4.) The following dialogue box will appear. Click on “Yes” and it will restart your computer.
asks: are you sure you want to uninstall adobe acrobat? orange box around yes

Once Adobe Acrobat 2017 has been uninstalled and your computer rebooted. Please scroll down to the instructions to access Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you are a Mac OS X user:

OS X: to uninstall Adobe Acrobat 2017:

1.) On the Applications folder in Finder (OS X) search for Acrobat Uninstaller under Adobe
Acrobat 2017.
arrow pointing at the finder on a mac computer.
arrow pointing at applications and an arrow pointing at acrobat uninstaller
2.) Select Adobe Acrobat and click “Open.”
arrow point at the open button on the adobe acrobat software
3.) Click on “Ok” to remove Adobe Acrobat 2017.
ask: are you sure you want to remove the listed applications?

Adobe Creative Cloud Installation Instructions:

After you finish step 12 in UCLA IT Services’ linked Adobe Creative Cloud Installation Instructions above. Follow the instructions below to install the application onto your computer.

1.) On a Windows computer go to “Start” on the taskbar and search for Adobe Creative
Cloud. On a Mac computer go to the Mac Applications folder and search for Adobe
Creative Cloud.
2.) Open the application and you should be prompted to all the applications.
location of adobe and pdf with an orange box showing the location

3.) Once you locate Adobe Acrobat DC, click on “Install” and it will begin to install. When the installation is complete under Installed. On Acrobat DC, click open and the app will open.
location of applications installed on adobe creative cloud with an orange box around it

Adobe Acrobat installation is complete: Note you can also find Adobe Acrobat through the Start Menu (Windows) or Finder (OS X).

List of Previous Acrobat Versions: