Apache log viewer

Got a 1 GB Apache access log that you need to investigate? Instead of opening it in a text editor (usually slow and hard to read) or using the “tail” command (faster but still hard to read), it is more efficient to open it with a special viewer.

Under Windows, there is Log Researcher. It is shareware though and I don’t know what the restriction is. I haven’t found anything equivalent for UNIX or CLI.

(Update: Apparantly, Log Researcher cannot handle anything but tiny logs. It can’t even handle a 9 MB log.)

You should be able to view the log in Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Choose “comma separated file (CSV)” and pick " " (space) as separator, """ (quote) as delimiter. However, OpenOffice Calc (as of version 2.0.2) cannot handle more than 65536 rows.