Are there any free PDF makers available?


I tend to like to post documents in PDF is because not everyone has MS Word on their computers (i.e. Mac users).
Students can download a free PDF reader (the most common one is Adobe Reader) and have access to the documents. CutePDF is like Adobe Acrobat, except it’s a free. To get this software go to this site:

Download both the exe file to CutePDF and the Ghostscript converter (there are two links off to the side, one reads “Free Download” and the other reads “Free Converter,” you’ll need both).

After you’ve successfully install both programs, simply go to the document you would like to convert, then go to the File menu at the top of the document and select Print. On the drop down menu, where it reads “Printer Name,” select the option for CutePDF and then hit “print.” A window will pop up asking you to save the document, I like to save my documents to my desktop first before I organize it away. Once you selected where you want to save it, the document should start to convert to PDF, when it is done, a PDF version of your document will pop up.

Also, two good links,

Another option (for those who are unable to install software on their current PC) is to use one of the free web-based PDF creation sites such as The only problem with this one is that it only supports the following document types for free:


Here’s another free PDF Creator (that you can download for your PC).

While it’s not free, Adobe Acrobat Standard/Professional is available for departments at deep discounts through the UCLA vendor TRC. TRC also offers “concurrent” licenses for Adobe products, which allows a license to be installed on multiple machines so long as the number of active instances at any given time does not exceed the number of licenses.

Check ATS’ Software Central (click Additional Software) for current specifics.

PDF Online is an online site where you can create PDF’s without having to download any software