Are there any known problems with UCLA applications using IE 7?

As you all probably know, Internet Explorer 7 is coming in November as an automatic update. AIS has tested all of its applications with IE 7 and has found two applications that do not yet work seamlessly in the IE 7 browser. It is important to plan ahead if you have users who will need to access either of these two applications.

1) Document Direct (also call View Direct or RDS) is the online report distribution system that AIS uses to make standard AIS reports available via the web to department users. Document Direct is IE 7-compliant as long as the client also has Sun’s Java Runtime Environment installed. If a client tries to use Document Direct with IE 7, they will get an error message regarding Java. Simply download the latest Java runtime from Sun and install it. Document Direct also supports Mozilla/Firefox/Safari via the Java Runtime, so that is another option.

(2) Vignette’s Content Management System is the online application that allows content developers to update the new Business & Administrative Services web portal. As far as we know, there are a few dozen staff who have this capability, and they are all employees within the B&AS organization. If this doesn’t include your group, you don’t need to worry about this issue. (Viewing the portal with IE 7 works just fine.) If you do have clients who need the content editing capability, please block the roll-out of IE 7 to your unit or be prepared to roll these particular users back to IE 6. At this time IE 6 is the only fully supported browser for Vignette content developers.

To block the implementation of IE 7 for your organization (for whatever reason), you can use this utility:

If you’re planning to use the blocker, you should have it in place no later than November 1, 2006.