Are there any prizes for posting to the Knowledgebase?

This article is posted for historical purposes.

Here’s our first contest:

“We Want Your Questions” raffle
Date: May 10, 2006 11:23:36 AM PDT

Dear Help Desk Consortium members: Please take advantage of this fun
and valuable opportunity. Also please share this email with all your
student workers (they are also eligible and our first raffle will take
place before the end of the school year). If you can think of others in
your area who might have Q&As for the KnowledgeBase, feel free to
include them as well. Good luck to all of you. Help make our
KnowledgeBase a terrific tool for yourselves and the entire campus!!
Thanks. Jackie Reynolds

We Want Your Questions (and Answers)!!

(Sorry if you’ve seen this more than once.)

The UCLA Knowledgebase ( ) is up and running (in beta).
If you aren’t familiar with the UCLA Knowledgebase, see this

The good news is that 155 answers have been posted so far, by 29 people.
The bad news is that most of those people have only submitted one or two
questions. Since we want you to get in the habit of posting questions
and answers all the time, we came up with the idea of a raffle.

Starting with the initial announcement of the KB (April 12th) until May
30th, we will enter your name into our raffle for EACH question/answer
you submit to the KB. If you submit 10 entries to the KB by 5/30/06, you
will have 10 chances to win our raffle. And what will you win? A brand
new iPod Nano (1GB)courtesy of BruinTech!!

So start thinking about the questions that pop up with any regularity
from your clients. When a person calls with a question, make it a habit
to submit that question and your answer to the KB while it’s fresh in
your mind. If you have a particular strength in an area, write up a
related procedure for us. Or, if you just want to bookmark a
particularly good resource, add it to the knowledgebase. Help us build
our Knowledgebase!

We’ll do another raffle for summer submissions. But don’t miss out on
this one. The more you submit, the better your chances.

If you have any suggestions, there is a link to a Forum, after you login
to where we can all discuss strategies, request
features and generally talk about the knowledgebase. We’re particularly
interested in how to make this more useful, and how we can get more
people to contribute answers.

If you have any questions, contact Jackie Reynolds or Mike Franks.


  • Jackie and Mike are disqualifying themselves from the raffle.
  • In this contest, we’re focusing on new questions with answers. So editing other people’s answers doesn’t get you points for the raffle. Although please fix things if you find a mistake.


Mike Franks, Social Sciences Computing
Jackie Reynolds, AIS/BruinTech