Auto discovery of networked HP printers on local subnet using HP Diagnostic Home Network Utility

If you need to discover all the network HP printers on a local subnet, you can download the HP diagnostic home network tool to discover all the HP networked printers.

HP Diagnostic Home Network Tool

*The The Advanced Tools Screen
The Advanced Tools window displays a list of network printers similar to what was shown on the Network Diagnostic Screen, with the added ability to open a selected printer’s Embedded Web Server page (uses your default web browser to open and display the printer settings page).

The Advanced Tools Screen also provides the following buttons for access to other information and functionality useful for advanced troubleshooting:
  • Display Detected Network Devices – Shows all devices connected to your network.
  • Test URL – Allows you to check if your computer can connect to a specific URL on the internet.
  • Renew Network – Renews your computer’s IP address from the network DHCP server.
  • Display Detected Wireless Networks – Shows other wireless networks detected by your computer’s wireless network adapter and highlights the network you are connected to.
  • Display Detected Firewalls – Shows a list of firewalls detected on your computer and the current status of each firewall. Buttons are provided to autofix, enable, or disable a selected firewall, and a help button provides additional information to help you with firewall configuration, including trusted application filenames and ports used to communicate with the printer.
  • Configure Detected Router – Shortcut for opening a browser window to the default page for your router. If you have previously password protected your router configuration page, the username and password will be required for access.
  • Retrieve WPA/WEP Key – Click this button to display the network security information.
  • Stop HP Services or Start HP Services – Clicking this button allows the user to stop or start HP network services, which can correct some problems. The utility checks for the proper installation and operation of HP services required for network communication with the printer. If all services are running properly, the Stop HP Services button is displayed; conversely, if any of the HP services are not running properly, the Start HP Services button is displayed.
  • Save Diagnostic Information – Clicking this button displays information gathered by the utility and saves it to a text file. This information can be useful troubleshooting information when contacting HP for support.