a:visited property not working in Firefox, but working in IE

When the a:visited property is customized to use a certain property (i.e., change its color when a link has been visited) with CSS you may experience the following scenario:

Let’s assume you’ve set the following property for visited links in your CSS.

a:visited {
color: #999999;

It works in great IE (surprising for a change :) ), but for some reason it doesn’t work in Firefox. Furthermore, other people using Firefox on other computers apparantly are finding that the visited links DO change color. So this is specific to certain machines.


You need to update your settings in Firefox. Go to the following:

Tools > Options > Privacy > History
Remember visited pages for the last [ ] days

If that’s set to zero, than the browser keeps no record of which pages
have been visited and hence never uses the :visited styles. So set this to 1.