Awarding Extra Credit for Completing Course Evaluations in MyUCLA

Instructors can award students points for completing the course evaluation. A category and grade item need to exist in the MyUCLA Gradebook (not the Gradebook Express) for the “Import to Gradebook” link to be available in the Evaluation of Instruction Reports page that can help you import grades to students who have completed the course evaluation. To do so:

  1. Log into MyUCLA and click the Gradebook link for the class.
  2. Continue into Gradebook rather than Gradebook Express.
  3. Select the option to use the Gradebook Helper. This will lead you to three steps you can complete in order to create the grading schema.
  4. Set the general properties (i.e. if TAs should have Gradebook access, alternative weights for your grading categories, etc).
  5. Select the categories to be used (Only Participation category will work for this process)
  6. Set the category to a percentage to match the amount you wish to award for extra credit (you may need to reduce category/item values for Participation to be saved). Click the Continue button to move to the next step.
  7. Create a grade item for the category.
  8. Once the grading schema has been created and you are ready to import the scores for the evaluation, go back to your MyUCLA Classes page where the classes for the current term are displayed for you.
  9. Click the Evaluation Status link for the class to be taken to the Evaluation of Instruction Reports page.
  10. Click the Import to Gradebook link and you will be asked to select the item into which the participation information should be imported. You will then need to select the maximum number of points possible for the item. The system will suggest a value based on one point being possible for each survey (evaluation of instructor, evaluation of TA, etc.) a student needed to complete. You can either accept this default or change it to another point value.
  11. Once the maximum value is set, click the button provided to import the information.
  12. Confirm that you see points listed for students.
  13. Download the information from this grade item.
  14. Click “Extra credit” from the Gradebook Menu.
  15. Upload the grades you downloaded from Participation and click “Preview Results” to ensure that the grades are captured.
  16. Save the Extra Credit grades.
  17. Return to the Gradebook and remove the Participation category. If need be restore any reduced category/item values to their original level.

If you are having trouble setting up the gradebook or pulling the evaluation grades into the MyUCLA gradebook, you can reach out to their helpdesk at

The Evaluation of Instruction Reports page should show you the course evaluation as well the TA evaluations.