Browser issues in Moodle

The following is a list of known browser issues with Moodle. Please add to the list; at the end of your contribution please add the browser version number and date of your contribution (in parentheses). Please also edit any existing items that you know to have been fixed or that now behave differently than described.


  1. Moodle’s WYSYWIG (HTML) editor does not operate in Safari. (Version 2.0.x, 10/18/07 Annelie Rugg)


  1. Hebrew vowels are displayed next to, rather than beneath, their corresponding consonants. (Version 2.0.x, 10/18/07 Annelie Rugg)

This is not a Moodle issue per se, but a general issue with the way Firefox running under Windows interprets Unicode Hebrew vowels. It is not an issue on Macs.

Issue: When indicated in writing, the vowels in Hebrew are placed as diacritics underneath (or on occasion above or within) the consonant character they follow. These are combining characters in Unicode. In Firefox the vowels are misaligned, displaying to the left of the consonant (i.e., after it, since Hebrew is read right-to-left) instead of underneath it. The alignment is correct in Internet Explorer, so our Hebrew classes are using IE exclusively.

I found one report of this issue in the Moodle discussion boards (, but no follow-up discussion whatsoever.

Solution: None so far (= use Internet Explorer). There is a long Bugzilla discussion about this ( It was supposedly fixed for Windows (per comment 97, 2007-06-23), but is still showing bad for us. One suggested workaround (comment 85): In Windows XP, go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Language tab, check “Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)”. This step requires the installation disk and 10MB or more of drive space. This corrects the problem on some web pages (e.g., but does not work for justified text (comment 95), and, more importantly for us, it does not work in Moodle. In Moodle the WYSYWIG (HTML) editor displays correctly, but the “live” page is still bad. (Version, 10/25/07 Randall Gordon)

I also checked this on Windows Vista, and the results are similar to XP with the complex script option turned on: Some web pages display correctly, as does the Moodle WYSIWYG editor, but the “live” Moodle page is still bad. There is one difference (not an improvement): Instead of just the vowel appearing to the left of its consonant, now the “empty character” symbol (dotted circle) also shows. (Version, 10/26/07 Randall Gordon)

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