Bulk print multiple files at a time

If you want to bulk print a bunch of files on your computer, you can do this on Windows 7 and up. The files need to be in the same file type (all PDFs or all Word docs) and you can only print 15 files at a time. To bulk print, open the folder that contains the files. Select 15 files (you can hold Shift and click on the files, or Ctrl and click if you want to select certain files to print). Then right click on your mouse and select Print. You will not be prompted with the printer settings, it will print to the last printer you printed from (so it might be best to do a test print and print out one first). Then repeat for the next batch of 15 files.

For a Mac, open the System Preferences app, then open “Printers & Scanners.” Select the printer you are going to use in the Printers list, then click on the “Open Print Queue” button. Drag all of the files you wish to print into the queue box. Your print job will start immediately, so you can continue to drag all of the files into the queue.