can an instructor give a PTE number to a student through MyUCLA?

This process has been streamlined but you will need to obtain the student’s 9-digit UCLA id. The instructor can login to MyUCLA and will see a blue PTE icon next to the course. (Note: If the icon is not present, please contact the department scheduler to have PTE numbers entered into the Registrar’s scheduling system.) On the PTE screen, click the link for the specific section or click the all sections link to see all PTE numbers for the course at once. Click the assign link next to the number you wish to provide to the student. Enter the student’s UID in the box which appears then click the assign button. The student’s name will then appear next to the PTE number. The next time the student accesses MyUCLA, a message will appear to notify them of the PTE number and providing a link to enroll in the course.
Questions about this feature can be directed to the Undergraduate Education Information Technology Help Desk at 310-206-4525 or