Can an iPad Replace a Laptop?

Can an iPad replace a laptop? What capabilities do other tablets have? Do any tablets have USB ports? How do I get connectivity and how much does that cost? Can I get connectivity abroad?

Can an iPad Replace a Laptop? A Hands-on Review
Probably not, but it may prove to be an alternative or niche device. You can print (using AirPrint with specific wireless printers), use a keyboard dock or bluetooth keyboard for input, use Wifi or a 3G cellular carrier (if you have a 3G capable iPad) for connectivity, but you are still tethered to iTunes for some functions. Nor does it play nicely with existing peripherals as it lacks a USB port; a deliberate sin of omission by Apple. It can be used with a HD TV or data projector with the right cables.

The $9.99 app Pages can serve as a word processor although interface differs from usual menu or ribbon driven layout. It can, purportedly, export and import word docs.

Review of various tablets and current capabilities. This changes daily.

Anywhere you can get Wifi, you can get connectivity. If you have a 3G capable iPad you can use some 3G carriers (including some abroad – though you have to swap out the micro sim). An example for the U.S. is Verizon’s plan below.

Starts at $20/1 GB a month for a month to month contract.