CCLE-Moodle: What to try if users can't login

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This article is directed at Moodle support staff.

Moodle users need to authenticate using UCLA’s Shibboleth service. If there is a problem in the authentication chain, users will not be able to login. Since there is a number of steps in the chain of applications behind the CCLE, the problem could be caused by any one of a number of steps. Below is a test process; the goal is to capture information at each step and send it to the appropriate people.

Specific Use Cases are highlighted here:

Test Process

There are two Moodle environments:

1. Try logging into PROD yourself

  • This will tell you if the problem is with the individual user’s account or is more wide-spread

2. Try logging into DEV

  • This will tell you if the problem is specific to PROD
  • Note: If Shibboleth is not being used on DEV, skip this step.

3. Try logging into Moodle with a local account, such as an Admin account or the janebruin test account

  • This will tell you if Moodle is partially working correctly

4. Try logging into the following Shibboleth test applications. Note: These applications only work if you are on campus or accessing the application over the VPN.

  • This will tell you if Shibboleth service is working correctly.

Note: You may not be able to do much at either of these applications. The goal is to test your ability to get through Shibboleth to the application. If you can do this, even if you encounter errors from the application, then Shibboleth can be deemed to be working properly.

Who do I send the information to?
Immediately send all the information to both:

1. CCLE System Operations: Ed Sakabu (
2. AIS Help Desk ( ; evening/weekend phone number: x66951)

Ideally, the e-mail will include details of the problem with supporting information such as error messages, date and time, and/or in which system (i.e., CCLE) the error occurred.

Caution: Even after this testing, the results may not be clear. In a recent episode, testers were not able to log into PROD or DEV, yet were able to confirm Shibboleth was working with WhoAmI? (The issue turned out to be a secondary Shibboleth server not acting properly.)

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