Changing LCD Monitor Settings

In general, digital LCD monitors are sharpest at their native resolutions, which sometimes makes images on the screen too small for some people. Unfortunately, if you select a non-native resolution, the text can look fuzzy or jagged. The only way to tell is to try various Display settings and determine which looks best to your eye (even if too small or too large). These are accessible from Control Panel > Display > Setting tab.

Then you can adjust the size of the objects on screen by changing the DPI setting. This is accessed via the Advanced button. Typically this needs to be increased — 120% has been a popular setting on our 19" monitors. Unfortunately, this requires admin rights to your PC and a reboot to take effect.

Finally, if the text doesn’t look as sharp as you’d like you may wisho to adjust your ClearType settings in Windows. You can not only change this under the Effects button on the Appearance tab but also fine-tune it further at