ColdFusion is the original and most common implementation of a tag and ECMAScript-based programming language — ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) and CFSCRIPT, respectively — which is typically used in web application development for the generation of dynamic web pages. Originally a product of Allaire, in 2001 the company was purchased by Macromedia, who subsequently merged with Adobe Systems in 2005.

ColdFusion resembles a scripting language best suited for data-driven web sites. More advanced users can use ColdFusion as a productivity layer above a J2EE platform or use ColdFusion as middleware in a service oriented architecture, such as generating web services or Flash remoting.

Recently, ColdFusion has also become a layer to handle asynchronous events such as SMS and instant messaging via its gateway interface.

UCLA Schools featuring ColdFusion-driven websites include UCLA Extension, Theater, Film & Television, the School of Public Affairs and the Department of Economics.

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