Collecting Obsolete Media Readers

As part of our preservation work at the Social Science Data Archive we sometimes have to pull data off of obsolete media, such as floppy and zip disks. To facilitate this we’ve been scavenging and collecting obsolete media equipment. I’m sure we aren’t the only unit on campus doing this so I’m posting the list of what we currently have in the archive in case someone else might need to read media that requires these readers:

  1. iomega zip/100 USB interface,
  2. teac 3.5 floppy disk drive; 720KB / 1.25MB / 1.44MB ( formatted ); USB 1 interface,
  3. Sony 3.5 floppy disk drive, USB2

I also have a couple of obsolete video formats at home: hi8 and VHS.

Please feel free to add other equipment to this list.

Jina (Jamie) Jamison
Social Science Data Archive