Conversion Tools for Moodle Quiz (or Glossary)

If you have a large amount of quizzes in hard copy format (Word) it might be worth the trouble to do a little bit of formatting and then use an online converter tool. Also, if you prefer to work in a text editor or Excel (as opposed to using the CCLE Quiz interface online) this tool may be handy as well. As we find more suitable tools, we will list them here.

Moodle XML Converter

  • Supported question types: Multiple Choice (also with multiple answers) , Short Answer, Essay, Description, True/False, Cloze, Numerical, Order, Matching.
  • Supports different types of glossary entries – Excel files (term TAB definition), term – definition, term: definition, term break definition.
  • Encodes your textfile in UTF-8
  • Unlimited number of questions and answers.
  • Feedback and General Feedback for questions, category – for glossary entries.
  • Use HTML tags in Question Text and Feedback. Supports embedded TeX formulas. You can insert one image for question.
  • You can upload your source files and get generated XML through Download XML button
  • Vice versa: Converter generates text from Moodle XML files. Works for quiz and glossary both.