Creating a checklist for students in Moodle

This very creative solution showed up on one of the Moodle Forums, so I’m copying it in here.


I need to make a checklist for one of my activities, does anyone have any suggestions? I envision it to be a list where my students can go into the checklist and check off what they have completed and take note of what they have left to do.


How about a quiz? One multiple choice question with multiple answers allowed for your to-do list, and one or more text questions with (with dummy answers) for notes. Allow students multiple attempts at the quiz. You can use feedback on answers to give encouragement, reminders for the next stage, etc.

You will need to be sure to:
Have “shuffle Questions” set to “no”
Have “Shuffle within Question” set to “no”
Have “Attempts Allowed” set to “unlimited attempts”
Have “Each attempt builds on the last” set to “yes”

Here’s the link to the forum thread where this was found as well as the very interesting Tips and Tricks Forum. Login as Guest if you just want to read, or register and login to post to the forum. You can also subscribe to the forum to get emailed when there are new postings.