Creating CCLE (Moodle) logins for Senior Scholars

Staff, faculty and students all have a UCLA Login ID and can log into the CCLE Moodle site. However, there are cases where certain groups, such as Senior Scholars, will need to create a UCLA Login ID in order to access Moodle. If you are a Senior Scholar, follow the steps below to create a UCLA Login ID.

Please note that once you’ve created a UCLA logon, you can continue to use it even after the quarter is finished. You don’t have to create a separate UCLA logon for each quarter or academic year.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “login” link in the far upper-right of the webpage.
  3. In the “Useful Links” box, select “Sign up for a UCLA Logon ID”.
  4. Complete the sign-up procedure.
  5. Once you have the logon, you need to log into at least once as this will make an entry into the CCLE system.
  6. Please email your Login ID to the contact person on the Senior Scholars staff.
  7. That contact person is responsible for confirming that this is indeed the person who should be given access, and then emails requesting that Login ID be given access (and what kind of access) to the specific class or collaboration site needed.
  8. CCLE support staff will then email both of them when access has been granted.