Creating CCLE (Moodle) logins for users without a UCLA Common Login ID

A UCLA account must be created for those users who need access to a private Moodle site and don’t have a UCLA Common Logon ID. (Cf. How do I know if I have a UCLA Common Logon ID?)

The first step in creating a special case account is to sign up for a UCLA Logon ID.

Steps to create a UCLA Logon ID:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “login” link in the far upper-right of the webpage.
  3. In the “Useful Links” box, select “Sign up for a UCLA Logon ID”.
  4. Complete the sign-up procedure.
  5. Once you have the logon, you need to log into at least once as this will make an entry into the CCLE system.
  6. Then, someone with rights can follow the steps in the link below.
  7. To also add this new account to an existing Moodle site, see In Moodle how do I add participants to a site?

If you are a Senior Scholar, please refer to this article: Creating CCLE Moodle Logins for Senior Scholars for more information.

Feel free to update this for clarity or to link to other groups that need special instructions. This article was taken from the procedure worked out for the Senior Scholars Program.