Creation of Accessible Online Surveys

Creating survey forms that are accessible to persons with disabilities using adaptive software (screen readers, speech recognition, etc.) has been a difficult problem for several years. Several services claim compliance with Section 508 (rules for Federal Government websites and technology contracts). However, the free versions of form design tools generally do not produce accessible code.

In fact there are two questions here: 1: Is the survey tool itself accessible to a user with a disability? 2: Are the end-product survey forms accessible?

There is a thorough if not very rosy review of existing products in this area here. Unfortunately no date or author info included, but it sounds fairly recent (as of May, 2006). In any case, thank you Marie at UCB:

UC Berkeley Product Reviews

Another tool is Aform, from Atutor in Canada. It’s not clear to me if they have a service to produce forms on a contract basis, but this seems like the best tool for a DIY project. Also the parent organization (Adaptive Tech. Resource Center, Toronto) has done a lot of good work in the technology access field for many years.
Aform survey design tool