Crosslisting pre-existing courses


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Below are the steps to crosslist two already existing courses on CCLE

Consider course A and course B as two independent courses on CCLE that need to be crosslisted.

1. In the course A settings page:

  • Change the format to UCLA Redirect format.
  • Add a ‘c’ at the end of the ‘Short Name’ field (so 08F-PUBPLC100-1 becomes 08F-PUBPLC100-1c).

2. Create a new course, exactly similar to course A, to be the Master.
In the Master course setting page:

  • Make sure you make it a meta course.
  • The Short Name for this course will be same as that of course A, just without the ‘c’ (e.g. 08F-PUBPLC100-1).
  • The Course ID number for this course is ‘08F-Master_xxxxxxxxx’ (SRS from course A).

3. Course format should be CCLE Course.

  • Title should be concatenated to describe course A / course B (e.g. Public Policy Lec 1 / Lec 2).

4. Add course A and course B as child courses for the Master.

5. Go to the settings page for course B and change the format to ‘UCLA Redirect format’.

6. Make course A and course B hidden.

7. Change the IEI URL for course B to point to course A (access through

What you are doing is creating a meta course and pointing courses A and B to this meta course. The course URL still remains the same as that of course A. The students for course A and course B will be added to the Course Members group of this meta course.

Contact Harsh Desai if you have questions.