Does Moodle let us store local data about students and classes?

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To clarify the question, does Moodle have some sort of provision for storing extra data about students and courses and possibly other things like departments, crosslisted and joined classes, etc?

For example, Moodle does have a Course ID Number field, where we could store our university 9 digit course number (SRS#). But what if we want to store the Registrar’s Subject Area and alphanumeric coursenumber as well?

Another example, the university login system may give us 3 or 4 different types of identifying field for a person, depending on their relationship to the university (UID, PPID, LOGIN_NAME, other university ID via Shibboleth). Ideally we need to be able to store them all. How have other schools handled this?

Several years later…

It seems that the Moodle developer community encourages you to create your own tables using Moodle’s naming convention and using XMLDB to make sure their schema resides in the code base and can be easily added to other sites.