Does UCLA offer computer loans for students?

The UCLA Financial Aid Office provides information about cpmputer loans and how to apply for one:

The information is provided belowas described by UCLA FAO.

What is a Computer Loan/ How Do I Apply for One?

The Financial Aid Office does not offer computer loans to our students. We do allow for a one time increase of a student’s Cost of Education to cover the cost of purchasing a computer. The maximum add-on amount allowed by UCLA for a computer purchase is $2000. Once the Cost of Education is increased, the additional need created will be covered by a federal or private loan eligibility.

The type of loan offered is based on student’s dependency status and what types and loan amounts they already have. For example: if a dependent student already has the maximum Stafford Loan eligibility, their cost of a computer purchase will be covered by a parent (PLUS) loan. If an independent student already has the maximum Subsidized Stafford, they will be offered an Unsubsidized Stafford Loan to cover the add-on. If an independent student already has the maximum Subsidized/Unsubsidized Stafford, an add-on will be covered by a private loan.

All add-on funds offered will be divided evenly among your quarters of enrollment.

To apply for a computer add-on, please complete the Petition for Re-evaluation found under FAO Forms on our web site.