DVD drivers error when installing Windows

I recently received a new HP Folio 13 ultrabook and began installing Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on it (it came with Home). Because the ultrabook has no optical drive I was using a LaCie external DVD drive to install Windows.

After booting to the install disk I kept getting the message that DVD drivers were needed before the installation could continue. After trying many fixes I finally found a post online that suggested switching the DVD drive to the other USB port before clicking “Install Now”. It worked.

This may work for other models.

  1. Boot to the Windows disk in your external optical drive.
  2. When presented with “Install Now”, unplug the drive and move it to another (or the other) USB port. Then click “Install Now”.
  3. If your external drive needs a second USB port for power you can always attach the second power-only plug to another computer.