eduroam stops connecting in OS X

User previously is able to connect to eduroam, but suddenly is no longer able to in OS X.

OS X wifi status shows as “connecting” and then eventually fails to connect. Deleting eduroam wifi profile doesn’t help, as user still cannot connect, and the prompt for an updated security certificate to connect to eduroam never pops up.

One possible issue is that the user’s existing 802.1x certificate is still being retained, and needs to be deleted.

eduroam needs to be removed in three areas before attempting to reconnect again:
1) System Preferences → Network → Advanced → under “Preferred Networks”, select “eduroam” and delete it.

2) Select the 802.1x tab , chose the eduroam network, and delete it. If you cannot delete it here please continue, as we will address that in steps #3 and #4.

3) Close System Preferences, from Applications → Utiltiies → open Keychain Access. From the login keychain, select the certificate associated with eduroam and delete it. Please reboot after.

4) Go to System Preferences → Profiles, click on “eduroam” and delete the profile.

This should completely remove all traces of the old 802.1x certificate stored for eduroam, and restore eduroam connectivity.