Elluminate Live Moderator Tips

The following list is an ongoing collection of tips and best practices collected by the UCLA Elluminate user community

  • It is helpful if the presenter repeats questions before answering them
  • If the moderator has dual monitors only the primary monitor can be shared/displayed
  • Participant profiles can be hidden from within the Elluminate session tools
  • The whiteboard shouldn’t be used for higher resolution presentations, its better to use application sharing with Powerpoint natively
  • Group editing is best done via application sharing of Word rather than with the Whiteboard as it can be awkward to edit the whiteboard text.
  • For application sharing users have found Firefox to be preferable to IE or Safari
  • Presenter or primary source of the webinar should be on a wired connection (not wireless) if possible.
  • If possible, setup teleconferencing as a backup option for users without microphones. Elluminate is compatible with UCLA’s Copper Conferencing service.
  • Using the Web Tour tool within Elluminate and browsing to YouTube is a good way to playback video or audio clips for your webinar audience.
  • You can remap the push to talk button to something easier to use with one hand like CTRL+TAB. Go to Tools, Preferences, General, Hotkeys and modify the Press/Release Talk button.

Thank you to all that attended the UCLA Elluminate Best Practices session on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010. Here are the resources from the session for your reference. If you did not get a chance to attend live, here is the link to View the Elluminate Live! recording of the session.

This is a link to the Elluminate v10 Sneak Peek webinar:

Elluminate Main Training Page:

Elluminate v9.7 moderator resource training documents. Elluminate has broken out each feature for you and provided short videos walking you through the feature and quick reference guides with screen shots and step by step instructions on how to use the feature:

Click on this link to sign up for FREE live online training sessions to learn how to use each feature in Elluminate. Check back frequently and take these sessions as often as you like, for FREE:

Click on the link below to access Ellluminate’s self help support portal where you can search the knowledgebase for FAQ’s and downloads, start a live chat, submit a ticket or call toll free 24/7:

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Amber Goularte, our Elluminate Customer Success Manager, holds virtual office on Wednesdays between 11 AM and 1 PM PDT at

Amber is available to answer your Elluminate questions during this time or please feel free to email her anytime at amberg@elluminate.com with any questions regarding Elluminate.