Emails forwarded or replied to in OWA Premium appear blank in Entourage

Near the end of April, Microsoft released a patch for Exchange server, KB911829. The following patch addressed some issues in Outlook Webmail, but has created a blank email problem in Entourage.

Scenario that causes the problem:

1) User A is using a Windows XP PC with Internet Explorer 6 and reading email through Outlook 2003 Webmail in Premium mode
2) User A forwards or replies to an email message, sending it to User B who uses Entourage 2004
3) All emails received from User A while on Outlook Webmail are blank.

Looking at the HTML of the blank emails, it appears that there’s a bug in OWA that causes it to generate bad HTML code. Specifically, it does not seem to close the HEAD tag with a /HEAD, causing Entourage to display blank emails.

No other email client has this problem (Office 2003, Eudora, etc).

We’ve contacted Microsoft directly about this, and they claim it is an Entourage problem.

The only solution right now is to roll back non-security-related patch KB911829, until Microsoft releases a fix for it.

The workaround is to have Entourage users read those blank emails in Outlook Webmail.

For reference:

Google Groups Search on Microsoft.Public.Mac.Office.Entourage