Eudora, damaged table of contents, thus mail missing.


Check your other mailboxes to make sure the messages weren’t transferred to another mailbox. If none of your other mailboxes contain the missing mail, chances are that the mailbox in question has become corrupted. If you don’t have a recent backup, you can try the following steps to recover the mail.

1. QUIT Eudora. Do Not Leave Eudora running.

2. Open the directory that Eudora is installed in.

3. Find the .MBX and .TOC files for the mailbox that used to have your mail. For example, if the mail is missing from your In mailbox, look for the files in.mbx and in.toc.

4. Make backup copies of the .MBX and .TOC files right now. Move them into another safe directory – such as your Desktop. Make absolutely sure that you’ve made a backup copy of the files.

5. Back in your Eudora directory, delete the .TOC file for the corrupted mailbox. Do not delete the .MBX file – only the .TOC file. For example, if the mail is missing from your In mailbox, delete the in.toc file from the Eudora directory. Do not delete the In.mbx.

6. Now start Eudora and open the corrupted mailbox. It may give you an error message that the mailbox needs to be rebuilt – tell it to create a new table of contents.