Eudora Data and Settings Files (PC)

Eudora has a number of settings files that can be manipulated or deleted to fix problems with the client. In addition the location of the mail data files should always be known to be able to backup or restore mail.

File Locations
All Eudora files should be located in one of two places unless the user manually set the directory:

  • C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\ (default)
  • C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora\
  • C:\Users\USER\Roaming\AppData\Qualcomm\Eudora\ (WINDOWS VISTA ONLY!)

Settings Files

  • eudora.ini: This file contains all the Eudora settings. It can be opened in Notepad to manually change settings that don’t seem to be taking effect, or can be deleted to reset all settings in Eudora. For additional information on editing the file please visit the Eudora website:
  • deudora.ini: This file contains all the default Bruin Online mail settings used when a user runs the wizard to add a new account. It also contains the Registration Information that keeps Eudora in Paid Mode. In some cases it is necessary to delete this file in addition to eudora.ini to completely wipe out any corrupt settings.

NOTE: Deleting this file will remove all registration information, and will require all information to be re-entered.

  • descmap.pce: The descmap.pce files contains information regarding how the Eudora desktop is arranged. This file should be deleted in conjuction with the eudora.ini file if there are problems with missing toolbars or windows.
  • filters.pce: Contains names and extensions for Eudora filters. Full filters information is stored in the Filters folder.
  • esoteric.epi: This file is located in the extra stuff folder and can be used to add additional settings to be used. To use this file please visit: Changing Ports in Eudora

Mail Files

  • .mbx: All Eudora mailbox files will have the MBX extension, although it may not always be visible depending on the system’s Folders Options settings. By default Eudora creates In.mbx, Out.mbx, Trash.mbx, and Junk.mbx. These files contain the users mail and should NEVER BE DELETED. If it becomes to necesary to get rid of them, please move them to a separate directory. To make a complete backup you will also wish to backup the Attach and Embedded directories.
  • .toc: TOC stands for Table of Contents. This file is generated based off of the MBX files. If there are problems with Eudora crashing on startup or with the list of messages displaying correctly, the TOC files can be deleted. These files are re-created on startup of Eudora for every MBX file. There will be one TOC file for every MBX file. There is also an nndbase.toc that lists all the entries in the Address Book.

Address Book Files

  • nndbase.txt: Your nicknames are saved in the nndbase.txt file. Note that this file contains the nicknames only, while the files in the Nickname folder contain the full data for each Address Book entry which includes the nickname and more.
  • nndbase.toc: This file is the table of contents for your nicknames. The same characteristics apply as with the TOC files for the mailboxes.
  • Nickname folder: Address Book entries are saved in the Nickname folder, in the default Eudora Nicknames file. If you have created additional Address Book files, they are kept under their own name in the Nickname directory.


  • Attach folder: Incoming attachments are saved in the Attach directory until you specify another directory using the Attachment directory button in the Attachment Options (ToolsOptions:Attachments). When backing up mail you will want to back this directory as well.
  • Embedded folder: Eudora uses the Embedded directory to store JPEG image files that you insert into the body of outgoing messages using the Insert Picture… command under the Edit menu. Eudora deletes these files from this directory when the messages containing the images are emptied from the Trash mailbox.
  • lmos.dat: This file contains information about the messages on your mail server. (lmos = leave mail on server.) If Eudora seems to be skipping messages that are on the server or downloading duplicates, this file may be deleted if the user has the leave mail on server option enabled. Deleting it will force Eudora to download all messages the first time it checks mail.