Eudora 'Sending Mail' Settings Clarification

Eudora does not specifically explain what their ‘Secure Sockets when Sending’ options mean. This article should apply to Eudora 6.2x and higher.

Does not use any SSL/TLS encryption.

Required, Alternate Port:
Uses SSL encryption on port 465. Checking ’User Submission Port (587) does NOT change the port number when using this setting.

Required, STARTTLS:
Uses TLS encryption on port 25. Port 587 can be used with TLS if you check the ’Use Submission Port (587) button. Users should ALWAYS use this setting with port 25 when configuring their account to send through Please see the other KB articles for instructions on how to handle ISPs that do port blocking or security software that performs outgoing mail scanning.

Last SSL Info:
This button can be used to see what SSL/TLS negotiation/port was used for the last message you sent out. Please note that Eudora only keeps this information for the current session.