Federal Government Grant Proposals

A while ago there was a lot of discussion about the Federal Government’s Grant Proposal applications and its incompatibility with Mac OS X.

Grants.gov has posted an important update to IBM’s “PureEdge Viewer” software application. This updated application allows PPC or Intel Mac users (running OS X version 10.4.6 or later) to submit federal grant proposals online. Grants.gov has qualified its support for the product and outlined potential technical issues associated with its use.

For more information about the PureEdge Viewer for Macs, potential limitations and alternatives, or to download the app, go to http://www.grants.gov/resources/download_software.jsp

Grants.gov has also announced that in April it will begin phasing out the PureEdge Viewer and transition to a PDF-based application. This new application will be fully supported under both Macs and PCs. According to reports, after April all new grant announcements will require the use of the new PDF-based application. Apple supports the planned changeover and looks forward to its implementation as a reliable, permanent solution for Mac users submitting federal grant proposals.

Tim Parker
Sr. Systems Engineer
Higher Education Division, Apple
email: parker6@apple.com

Tim Parker graciously gave permission to post this email and his address.

Note: one of the “potential limitations” is:

•Occasional crashes and subsequent loss of any unsaved data

While true of almost all software, this could be perceived as a serious flaw.