Final Cut Pro (FCP) 4.5 and Compressor AGP error

For those that get the “This software requiresAGP card error when running Final Cut on a machine that has a PCI-Expresss video card instead of AGP, there’s a really easy fix:

  • Go to Applications folder
  • Right click on Final Cut Pro HD, choose Show Package Contents
    (on the mac hold down the control key and click on the application)
  • Double click on Contents folder
  • Open up “info.plist” with TextEdit or any other text editor
  • Search for “AGP” and replace it with “PCI
    (there should only be one instance)
  • Save the file, close it, and try running Final Cut once again.

You may get the same erorr when running Compressor, follow the same steps to fix it. Right click on the Compressor icon in Applications, then replace “AGP” with “PCI” in the plist file.