Finding things in this knowledgebase

While development continues, currently this version of the UCLA Knowledgebase has the following search and browse options:

  • Search
    • searches are not case-sensitve
    • searches include topic, tags, contributors and full text of answers
    • all search words are AND’ed together
  • Browse
    • the Home Page shows the most recent New Articles and Updated Articles
    • clicking on a contributor’s name will show all the articles added or edited by that person
    • clicking on a tag will show all the articles with that tag
    • the Articles link shows all the articles with a count at the top
    • under the Articles link the Cloud Tag shows the top 100 tags. The larger ones have more articles.
  • Search Strategies
    • think of a word or phrase that would have to be in the answer to your question
    • think of synonyms to those words
    • think of a person or department that might have answered that question
    • think of what keywords you would have chosen if you were tagging that question