FTP settings for SSC Novell Server

Hostname: sscnw601.sscnet.ucla.edu/
username: “.username.department.sscnet”

For example if your username is jbruin and your department is Anthropology then your ftp username is (including the period before your username): .jbruin.anthropology.sscnet

You can use an FTP client, like CuteFTP, which you can download from:
http://www.bol.ucla.edu/software/win/cuteftp/ For PC
http://www.bol.ucla.edu/software/mac/cuteftp/ For Mac

Note: If you use CuteFTP 8 to access the FTP, it may default to a directory that is not useful for you. In the Site Manager (Tools→Site Manager→Display Site Manager), be sure to specify a desired directory by clicking on the Actions tab and entering a path in the box labeled When client connects, switch to this remote folder.

You can also access FTP through Internet Explorer (only IE) with this link: