Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are systems for connecting data to maps. This might involve mapping drive-by-shootings or murals across Los Angeles, or U.S. Congress voting patterns by state. There are many GIS systems available, although I believe ESRI’s ARCinfo is site licensed at UCLA. Google Maps and the programming interface they released have boosted popular interest in GIS.

Remote sensing is closely connected to GIS, although the tools used are slightly different. UCLA licenses ENVI and IDL from RSI.

There is interest in forming sort of a UCLA GIS users group to do some or all of the following. Contact Brian Won in Geography if you’re interested.

  • grab interested Geog Grad students to meet weekly (or more
  • work on GIS projects together
  • store and share notes
  • search for ArcGIS Tutorials and link them from the wiki
  • invite guest speakers
  • compare project notes