Gliffy online diagram editor and publisher

Gliffy ( is a service that provides diagram creation, editing, and publishing all in an online environment.

The online software utilizes a drag and drop format of various various clip art, pointer, and labeling elements to a workspace where one can assemble a flow chart or diagram. This can either be published to the web for viewing in blogs, wikis, and other types of domains, or can be left open for people to see and then edit. It can also be saved as a picture file to one’s computer.


  • text boxes
  • block, diamond, circle, and other geometric elements
  • arrows, pointers, paths
  • technical clip art such as CPUs, servers, hubs
  • floorplan clip art
  • upload your own images


  • invite other users to be collaborators on your diagram
  • save diagrams to Gliffy servers to be accessed any time or place