Has anyone tried eGames Generator?

Has anyone heard of or used eGames Generator? https://egames.carsonmedia.com/

Esther Grassian heard about it at a conference. It’s free and there are many interesting little educational games you can create. We don’t know how much space each game would take up but we’re thinking of possibly adding them to the Info Literacy site Road to Research She was thinking of having them in the tutorial for practice/reinforcement exercises in a fun way, rather than trying to keep track of results as we do for the quizzes.

You can try out a sample of each kind of game at the site (click on View Sample eGames in the left column), and they also provide information on the types of learning objectives each game is designed to help learners achieve (click on a type of game in the middle of the home page).

Please add your experiences or comments or alternatives here. Thanks