Hi, are there any UCLA style resources or style guides for websites? I tried searching in this KB for "css" and "style guide", but most of the results

Edit: 9/7/2012
UCLA released Brand Guidelines 1.0 in March 2012. The document contains guidance on things like fonts, colors, tone, photography, and design. There are new colors and a lot of colors got discontinued, like all of the greys.

UCLA also released the templates for the web gateway in HTML only. They are available here: www.images.ucla.edu. UCLA employees will be able to log in via their Bruin Online ID. If you’re not an employee (ie you are student or a volunteer), you will need to register for an account.

—Sirinya Tritipeskul Matute, UCLA Fund

Here is the website for the UCLA Graphic Identity: http://www.identity.ucla.edu/
It has information on the UCLA Logo and colors.

I would suggest you visit The UCLA Campus Web Publishers (CWP): http://cwp.ucla.edu/
There you will find many resources including the above site.