How can I search for classes by keyword?

Sometimes a student or adviser might want to search the Schedule of Classes
for a key word such as “Central Asia” or “economics” to catch
the offerings that span a wide range of potential departments
ranging from the sciences to the humanities.

For a limited time during the summer of 2016, visitors can search by keyword using the legacy site, A search by keyword is in development for the new Schedule of Classes search as of June 2016.

Currently, the Schedule of Classes does not contain a search by keyword. However, you can search all course titles and descriptions by keyword on the course descriptions page,

The Schedule of Classes,, available at by clicking on Schedule of Classes, allows visitors to search by Subject Area, General Education Foundation and Category, Class ID, Writing II, Class Units, Fiat Lux, Online Classes, Instructor name, Diversity, Collegium of University Teaching Fellows (CUTF) Seminars, Service Learning Classes, and Undergraduate Student Initiated Education (USIE) Seminars. Results can be further filtered by enrollment status, meeting days and times, locations, units, instructors, class level, impacted, enrollment restriction, enforced requisites, and individual studies. Additional filtering by attributes such as GE requirement, Diversity, and Writing II are in development.