How do I add or move folders in Sakai?

Here is how to add a folder in Sakai (assuming you’ve successfully logged in and are looking at the site to which you want to add a folder):
1. Click Resources in the lefthand tools menu.
2. In the main Resources window, under Actions, click Add next to “[Your-site-name] Resources”.
3. In the Add Item(s) window from the Add Item Type drop-down menu (where it says “File Upload”), select Empty Folder.
3a. You must give the empty folder a title, and optionally give it a description.
3b. If you want the public (i.e. anyone, not just members of the site) to be able to access the items in this folder, check the box next to “Display to non-members (publicly viewable)”. Otherwise, leave unchecked and only site members will be able to see the folder.
3c. Click the leftward pointing triangle next to Optional Properties if you
want to input additional information about the Folder (e.g. dates, authorship, etc.). (FYI, in Sakai v.2.2 and later, there is a Search feature that will enable you to locate your folders and files by searching this “Optional Properties” metadata if you specify it.)
4. Click Add to add the folder. You should now see it appear in the list of items at the main level of Resources for your site.
5. To add files or subfolders into the newly created folder, click Add next to the folder name.
6. You can also move folders and files around by clicking the check box(es) next to the relevant items you want to move, then clicking the “Move Checked” link near the top of the window.

Note: these instructions were written for Sakai v2.1.x, so some commands or locations of items may have changed slightly in later versions.