How do I login as a user in Moodle (for troubleshooting purposes)?

If you’re an administrator to a Moodle class site, you can actually login in as a user to duplicate the error the user is experiencing. You won’t need Moodle wide admin access, just admin access to the course (note, only admins can do this function, not course creator, not instructor).

  1. As the admin, go to the participants list.
  2. Click on the drop down menu for “User list” on the right hand side and select “more detail.”
  3. Locate the user you want to login as. By the person’s name, there should be a list of option on the right hand side, select the link for “login as…” and volia, you are now logged in as that user.

When you’re done, just log out as that user and Moodle will return you to your original login.

As you’re logged in as a user, just remember you’re actually logged in as that user. For example, if I’m the administrator to CCLE 101 and I decided to login as Jane Bruin, any activities I perform while I am logged in as Jane Bruin will be recorder as Jane Bruin. (it won’t say posted by Jane Bruin on behalf of the administrator). So if you do any test postings or uploads, remember to remove them afterwards.