How do I make dynamic dropdown/pullup menus in Plone?

There is a Plone Drop Down Menu product (also called qPloneDropDownMenu) that creates navigation tabs for you that have a drop-down menu behavior. The product page above has complete instructions on using it.

If you want the menus to “pull up” rather than “drop down”, one line of code in the drop down CSS file can do this:

  1. Make a copy of /portal_skins/qPloneDropDownMenu/drop_down.css into your custom folder.
  2. In the custom file, add bottom: 12px; into the style for #portal-globalnav li ul.

Note: your pixel mileage may vary. If your menus end up floating too high (or low, sinking into the navigation bar itself) try altering the value for the bottom attribute. You can also try using values measured in em, so that it changes depending on the font size.