How do I set up my parents with 3rd party access so that they can pay my bills?

Parents (or any non-student who needs access to MyUCLA) should set up their own account or accounts. They use to create an ID – one for each parent or just one. They are the last option on the Create ID page, under the line “I do not have a UCLA identification number.” Once the logon ID are established, you (the student) can give them the permissions in MyUCLA, for as much or as little access as you choose. This is because federal law guarantees the privacy of your information and this is why you should be careful to maintain the security and privacy of your own logon ID by not sharing accounts or passwords with anyone — not even your parents. Once logged in to MyUCLA, click “Settings” in the header and click “Third Party Access”, currently the last option, on the drop down list. Here you can create or modify Third Party access to your MyUCLA account.

A video tutorial is available on MyUCLA under My Features > Help > MyUCLA Tutorials or by clicking this direct link: