How do I turn on cookies?

Cookies are used by many websites as a way of keeping track of users or their login session. UCLA’s MyUCLA requires cookies, as do most other websites. In these systems if you’ve turned off cookies on your web browser, you’ll get a message something like “cookies are disabled – please enable them.”

To enable your cookies, go to the Tools menu of your browser. Now depending on if you’re using IE or Firefox, or something else, it might be named differently, but click on the Tools menu and look for Options.

For Firefox, click on the Privacy tab, you’ll want to look for something that says “Cookies.” A check box button you have to click on to enable cookies, click OK to end. For IE, once you’re at the option screen, click on the general tab. Where it says temporary settings, click on “Settings,” select the option that reads “Automatically.” Click OK to end.

If you’re on a Mac and are using Safari, click on the Safari tab, and go to Preferences. Under the Security tab, check to see if under Accept Cookies, it says “only from sites you navigate to).

If you’re worried about other people getting to your passwords or getting to your logins, you can delete the cookies off your computer (the option is located at the same place where you went to set the cookies).

How do I view and control cookies in my web browser? – Indiana U. Knowledgebase