How do I uninstall the Cisco VPN Client for Mac OS X?

The Cisco VPN Client on Mac OS X systems must be uninstalled by running a script via a terminal window. This may be useful to you, particularly if you now wish to use the built-in VPN client for OSX ( ):

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Navigate to the following: Mac Hard Drive → Applications → Utilities
2. Start the ‘Terminal’ application.
3. Paste the following command into the Terminal window and hit enter:

sudo /opt/cisco-vpnclient/bin/vpn_uninstall

4. Follow the instructions to remove the VPN Client and close the terminal
application when it has finished.

NOTE: You will need have the admin password for your computer in order to run the script.

The above path is incorrect here are the correct instructions from Cisco’s web site;

The VPN Client uninstall script uninstalls any previous command-line or GUI version of the VPN Client from your workstation.

To uninstall the VPN Client for Mac OS X

Step 1 Open a terminal window.

Step 2 Run the following command:

sudo /usr/local/bin/vpn_uninstall
Step 3 Enter your password

Step 4 You are prompted to remove all profiles and certificates.

If you answer yes, all binaries, startup scripts, certificates, profiles, and any directories that were created during the installation process are removed.
If you answer no, all binaries and startup scripts are removed, but certificates, profiles, and the vpnclient.ini file remain.

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