How do I use Page Setup on Firefox?

To customize how pages are printed in Firefox, you can use Page Setup:

  • Select File > Page Setup.

In Page Setup, you can change the following settings for pages you want to

  • Format & Options: Choose the orientation, scale, and other
o Orientation: + Portrait: Choose this to position the page normally, with the shorter side facing up. + Landscape: Choose this to position the page sideways, with the longer side facing up. o Scale: Type in a percentage of the original size. For example, type “50” to make each page half the size of the original page. + Shrink To Fit Page Width: Select this to automatically resize the page to the width of the paper. o Options: + Print Background (colors and images): Select this to print background images and colors. If unselected only pictures and color in the foreground (in front) are printed.
  • Margins & Header/Footer: Click this tab to set up margins,headers, and footers:
o Margins: + Top, Bottom, Left, Right: Type a margin in the given units for the top, bottom, left, and right margins. o Headers & Footers: Each drop-down list represents either a header or a footer area. The top row of drop-down lists are for the left,center, and right header areas. The bottom row are for the left, center, and right footer areas. In each drop-down list, choose one of the following options: + -blank-: Show nothing in this area. + Title: Show the web page title. + URL: Show the web page URL (URL’s usually start with “http://”). + Date/Time: Show the date and time when the web page is printed. + Page #: Show the page number of each page. + Page # of #: Show the page number along with the total number of pages. For example, if you print a five page web page, “3 of 5” would be shown on the third page. + Custom: Type your own text. You can include any of the following codes to print specific information:
  1. &PT: Page Number with Total (Example: “3 of
  1. &P: Page Number
  1. &D: Date
  1. &U: URL
  1. &T: Page Title