How does SSC help its clients reduce SPAM?

SSC uses the Barracuda security appliance to filter out spam, block viruses, and identify phishing attempts.

  • Users with low to moderate amounts of spam can configure the Barracuda’s basic client-side filtering for Eudora and Outlook.
  • Users with high volume of spam can opt for the advanced feature which provides server-side quarantine of spam. The quarantine holds suspected spam on the server rather than being delivered to your inbox – thereby keeping your email inbox almost spam-free. With this option, a user needs to log into a web site on a daily or weekly basis to review the messages stored in the quarantine. From there, the user can permanently delete the spam and also identify the false positives (messages that are incorrectly marked as spam) which will subsequently be forwarded to the user’s inbox.

For more information see Blocking Spam at SSC